What are the benefits of using the inverter in motor control?

The first   inverter is thought to be an automation device, which is like a versatile dictionary that controls the world's most modern non-contact motor speed stepless, carried in I have the superior facilities that any user feels satisfied. It is a semiconductor frequency converter, a means of connecting the world of drives, which has been changing a mindset in electric drive control and power management.
According to Assoc. Le Tong - a leading expert in the field of Vietnam drives, judged that the inverter has a very fast growth rate in Vietnam in recent years, promising a potential market.
1. Utility of INVT inverter
The most special feature of the inverter drive - the motor is that you can adjust the motor speed steplessly. That is through frequency adjustment and can adjust the engine speed according to the desired changes in a wide range.
Using the inverter also means that you enjoy a lot of smart, flexible features such as automatic motor identification; Control features via the network; can set 16 speed levels; controlling engine starting current helps smooth (soft) start process to improve mechanical structural durability; minimize installation and maintenance costs; saving installation space; energy saving modes, ...
You will no longer worry about not mastering, controlling the power of the drive process because from now on you can control it through overload protection, overheating, overcurrent protection, too voltage, low voltage, phase loss, phase difference, etc. of the inverter
In particular, with inverters with "Sensorless Vector SLV" or "Vector Control With Encoder Feedback" modes, you will enjoy more advanced features, they will give you a very high speed control range. large and large starting torque, equal to 200% of norm or greater; low-speed rotation changes are reduced thoroughly, helping to improve the stability and accuracy of the work process; Large working torque, reaching 150% of rated torque even at speed range 0.
2. Scope of use
Semiconductor frequency inverters for starting and adjusting the speed of AC motor 3 phase squirrel cage motors. There are many different capacity sizes suitable for each type of engine power.
All inverter companies now develop 2 different product lines suitable for many different types of applications.
Some things to keep in mind when using the inverter
Depending on the application you choose the appropriate frequency converter, in that way you will only have to pay a low cost and ensure the reliability of the work.
Inside the inverter are semiconductor electronic components so it is very sensitive to environmental conditions, but Vietnam has a hot and humid climate so when choosing you must make sure your inverter has been tropicalized. , suitable for the climate of Vietnam.
You must ensure installation environment conditions such as temperature, humidity, position.
Inverters cannot work outdoors, they need to be installed in a cabinet with a large, well-ventilated space (cabinets must have ventilation fans), the position of the cabinet is a dry place in a room with a small temperature. more than 500oC, no corrosive, gas, dust, altitude is less than 1000m above sea level.
Read the instruction manual carefully, if you do not understand or are unsure, do not arbitrarily connect or change the settings.
Thanks to the technical experts of the inverter supplier, giving you the installation and installation instructions to get the optimal operation mode for your application.
When the inverter reports an error, look up the error code in the document and find out the cause of the error, only when the new error is reset to restart.
Each inverter has a quick lookup document, you should keep a detailed record of the changed parameters and errors you observe in this booklet, which are very important information for expert when troubleshooting for you.
Finally, today the inverter is no longer a costly luxury only for those with money, the utilities that the inverter gives you are far more than the cost you pay, so you Don't hesitate to invest in the inverter for your powertrains that can be applied to the inverter. It is a right investment, a total and long-term investment strategy.
Most types of inverters now offer flexible and open hardware / control structures in combination with a variety of fieldbus module options that offer a variety of choices for designers and users in integrating drives with other types of machines and equipment.
In terms of basic functions, AC inverter seems not much different from a decade ago. They control engine speed and torque, protect the engine, and allow users to adjust operating parameters such as acceleration and deceleration time. However, thanks to the microprocessor, the inverter is increasingly smart, easy to interact and becomes an integral part of industrial automation systems. Most types of inverters now offer flexible and open hardware / control structures in combination with a variety of fieldbus module options that offer a variety of choices for designers and users in integrating drives with other types of machines and equipment

3. Network connection and remote access
As diagnostic devices, remote monitoring and remote network connections become more popular, communication solutions for the inverter become more important than ever. The new inverter generation provides advanced built-in communication solutions that enable users to assemble highly integrated applications that connect the drive to the manufacturing process through open networks. This saves panel space compared to the solution using a separate contact card mounted outside the inverter
Together with an internal communication module that allows direct connection to standard network decks, today's inverter generation can be seamlessly integrated with every production process. There are also RS232 converters that support the drive, providing direct communication to the PC. With such a wide support range, users can install, diagnose, monitor and analyze the operation of the entire process. When multiple inverters are connected on the same network, the user can monitor as well as configure the entire inverter from one point.

4. Smart programming
The real-time operating system embedded in the inverters today runs on powerful processors with flash memory that supports loading and saving user programs. In addition, there is a comprehensive function block library, including PID, filter, counter, timer, latch, and high-level macro function blocks, such as controlling expansion ...
The programmable AC inverter can automatically adjust the speed when the voltage drops and restore when the voltage returns to normal. With synchronous start-up, the drive automatically determines the motor's rotation speed during voltage drop and the voltage returns to normal.

5. Distributed control
The new intelligent inverter generation gives users the effective "PLC in inverter" solution without the   PLC   or other independent controller. The embedded intellectual control module can be installed on the inverter and it provides an economic platform for system designers to write specialized application programs, thus achieving peer control. -to-peer real-time at high speed.
Distributed control incorporates the progress of high-speed embedded CPU technology but low cost makes it a more flexible scalable system with lower cost. Many automation applications such as web-based processing lines, cargo transport and conveyor systems ... are the ideal environment for this type of control.

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